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The 36th Infantry Division

Distinctive Unit Insignia

Heraldry of the Texas Division

image1 (16).jpeg
image2 (12).jpeg
image3 (8).jpeg

141st Infantry Regiment

"Remember the Alamo"

142nd Infantry Regiment

"I'll Face You"

143rd Infantry Regiment

"Arms Secure Peace"

image4 (9).jpeg
image5 (8).jpeg
image6 (2).jpeg

131st Field Artillery

"We Play the Game"

132nd Field Artillery Battalion

"Fiant Rotae Rotare"

133rd Field Artillery Battalion

"Dum Spiramus Tuebimur"

image9 (1).jpeg
image8 (2).jpeg

Division Headquarters

The Brass

Division Artillery Headquarters

Brass, with a Bang

111th Combat Engineer Battalion

"Fortis et Fidelis"


111th Medical Battalion

"Omnibus Opitulor"

111th Quartermaster Company

"Venio Cito"

443rd Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion

"Forever Conquer Tyranny"


753rd Tank Battalion

"Insiste Firmiter"

Shoulder-Sleeve Insignia

The T-Patch

C5D4ECBE-310A-4626-858D-7E4BB1EAC781 (2).jpeg


Misprint or Functional?

Italian Bullion

Variant I

Italian Bullion

Variant II

D7784305-0575-4209-835A-1D2F9BB630AF (1).jpeg

German Twill

Variant I

German Twill

Variant II

Japanese Silk

For the T-Patcher Far From Home

Field Gear

Wardrobe of Warfare

image1 (17).jpeg
image0 (20).jpeg
image2 (13).jpeg

36th-patched BAR Ammunition Belt

Used by combat infantry for carrying magazines for the Browning

Automatic Rifle

Coming Soon

M43 Field Jacket

The standard jacket for 36th ID soldiers from October 1944 through the end of the war

Coming Soon

M1 Combat Helmet

The standard-issue headgear for a T-Patcher, this one worn by division mortar crewman Cpl Bertrand Landry


Miscellaneous Items

Pieces to Remember by

1945 Occupation League Baseball Uniform

A German-made 1945 baseball uniform used by a member of the intra-division league during occupation

image4 (10).jpeg
image5 (9).jpeg
image3 (9).jpeg

36th ID Association Necklace

Sold by the division association in the postwar years for veteran wear

36th ID Lapel Pins

Another decorative piece of apparel

132nd Field Artillery
Belt Buckle

Souvenir buckle featuring the name and insignia of the 132nd FA

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