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Digital Archives

The content below contains a wide variety of original and secondary sources relating to the 36th Infantry Division and beyond. Sources not owned in my personal collection are attributed to their contributors while original material remains unmarked. If you have any content fitting to be shared on this page we ask you please reach out and contact us. The work to preserve history is a collaborative one which is done best together.



In this section, we seek to continuously compile visual records which tell the story of the 36th Infantry Division throughout their time in the Second World War. Tracing their time from Africa to Germany, these photographs hope to give a firsthand perspective on the sights and experiences of

T-Patcher's on their European tour.

36thstuff005 (4) (1)_edited.jpg

Primary Records

This link will take you to a myriad of primary resources which provide information on the 36th Infantry Division's time overseas during WWII. These paper sources range from divisional newspapers, personnel information cards, individual award records, and more. 

image2 (10).jpeg

Histories and Unit Reports

This set of records can be some of the most important for using and analyzing the experiences of the 36th Infantry Division and its subunits throughout the war. Primarily focusing upon After Action Reports, Unit Histories, and other unit-based records, these documents focus on a narrative approach to explain the operational history of the division and its subordinate actors.

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Texas Military Forces Museum

The Texas Military Forces Museum is a historical institution located at Camp Mabry, Texas. Although dedicated to all history of the Texas military, a large chunk of the museum's efforts and archives revolve around the 36th Infantry Division. The link below will take you to their website which contains numerous records, photographs, books, and other files which can assist in the research of the division.

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