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The Pacific Theater

U.S. Army

Island Warriors

gaebler1 (1).jpg

Sergeant Louis S. Placzek

K Company,

307th Infantry Regiment,

77th Infantry Division

Corporal Cecil R.
Van Diver

B Company,

192nd Tank Battalion

Captain Eugene F. Gaebler

Chief of Military Ports, San Francisco

U.S. Navy

The Pacific Fleet

dubick (1).jpg
361D8A4B-72FB-43DA-BFC3-6157839EE34C (1).jpeg
C99A6AF9-6E9F-47EF-92C5-A80360B84C1A (1).jpeg

SC1c Lawrence B. Crenshaw


Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 37

PhM1c Michael F. Dubick

USS Highlands APA-119

Coming Soon

CBM John F. Duffy

USS Louisville CA-28

MoMM3c Charles E. Randall

USS Logan APA-196

Coming Soon
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