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Primary Records

36th Infantry Division Unit Rosters

This is the primary roster used by researchers and historians for finding soldiers of the 36th Infantry Division. The list comes from the official division unit history published in the years immediately following the war. The specific scans provided here come courtesy of the Texas Military Forces Museum, however, they are easily found in any copy of the unit history. The roster was created in the summer to fall of 1945 and as such does include some errors from men who transferred around the division and the occasional occlusion from those who transferred out completely. In all, however, it is a great resource to find more about a 36th Division veteran.

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36th Infantry Division General Orders

These records, known as "General Orders," were official orders and paperwork passed from the division headquarters performing a multitude of functions from notifying about promotions, awarding decorations, recognizing meritorious conduct of division units, and much more. The most important role for individual research, however, comes in the award records. These orders list all the men who received Bronze Stars, Purple Hearts, Silver Stars, and other decorations, with citations for a number of them. 

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443rd Anti-Aircraft Battalion Records

The records in this collection are original documents from the National Archives pertaining to the 443rd Anti-aircraft Artillery Battalion, the primary AAA unit assigned to the 36th Infantry Division throughout its campaigns in Italy, France, and Germany. Inside you can find General Orders from 1943-1945, rosters of men, Operation Reports, and more. 


"T-Patch" Newspaper

The "T-Patch" was a division newspaper beginning publication in mid-1944 which continued irregularly until the fall of 1945. This collection is largely incomplete and any additional copies are highly requested. The newspapers contain content ranging from division orders, trending stories, sports, army-wide news, valor decorations, combat stories, photographs, and much more.

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"Robert Reveille" Newspaper

"Robert Reveille" was a smaller and much lesser-known paper of the 36th put out by men in the division headquarters. Although much shorter in length, these pamphlets contain interesting stories about division news, reports, upcoming entertainment, and more.

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"Rotate and Review" Newspaper

Another highly unknown paper, "Rotate and Review" was the newspaper for the 142nd Infantry Regiment. Very few of these have been found by the author and any additional versions are highly requested for digitization. They seem to give similar material as the "T-Patch" but specifically geared towards the 142nd Infantry.

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List of 36th Infantry Division Valor Recipients

This is a compiled list of all known Silver Star, Distinguished Service Cross, and Medal of Honor recipients within the 36th Infantry Division. At the time of the war these three decorations were the army's top-three for valor and gallantry in action. The 36th awarded 2,354 Silver Stars, 80 Distinguished Service Crosses, and 14 Medals of Honor during the war. This list includes the names of recipients as well as the General Orders in which their citations are published. General Orders (and thus their included citations) can be ordered for free through the National Archives at College Park Maryland by requesting the specific GO number and soldier listed. Veterans of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team whose awards were given by the 36th ID are also listed.

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36th Infantry Division Info Cards

This collection of information cards was created by the division in the latter part of 1945. The collection is stored at the Texas Military Forces Museum but is accessible through the link embedded in the button below. These cards offer wonderful information about veterans of the 36th Division, often including units, dates of attachment, awards, and hometowns. The currently digitized list is incomplete but does contain many veterans so far.

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