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The European Theater

U.S. Army Divisions

The Frontline Doggies

The European Theater

U.S. Army Infantry Divisions

Dogface Soldiers

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Lieutenant Harvey A. Hanna

B Company,

16th Infantry Regiment,

1st Infantry Division

First Sergeant Fred H. Marburger

M Company,

23rd Infantry Regiment,

2nd Infantry Division

Private Jack R. Cousins

F Company,

22nd Infantry Regiment,

4th Infantry Division

Captain Charles M. Hoge

HQ Battery,
46th Field Artillery Battalion,
5th Infantry Division

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Corporal Calvin Sutcliffe

A Company,
86th Infantry Regiment,
10th Mountain Division

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Tech/Sergeant Frank M. Daley

Division Headquarters Company,
28th Infantry Division

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Major John O. Dickerson

2nd Battalion,

101st Infantry Regiment, 26th Infantry Division

Captain William B. Kenney

C/B Company,

115th Infantry Regiment,

29th Infantry Division

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Lieutenant Chester J. Churns

Cannon Company,

120th Infantry Regiment,

30th Infantry Division

Lieutenant Henry L. Mitchell

C Company,

135th Infantry Regiment,

34th Infantry Division

Tech/5 Paul L. Steele

A/G Company,

253rd Infantry Regiment,

63rd Infantry Division

Corporal Robert L. Dresser

I & R Platoon,

Headquarters Company,

262nd Infantry Regiment,

66th Infantry Division

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Captain Thomas O. Harrison

5th Infantry Regiment,

71st Infantry Division

Staff Sergeant Carl W. Duvall

C Company,

291st Infantry Regiment,

75th Infantry Division

Tech/3 William D. Barnett

Medical Platoon,

3rd Battalion,

310th Infantry Regiment,

78th Infantry Division

Sergeant Francis J. Haslage

G Company

504th Parachute Infantry Regiment,

82nd Airborne Division

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Tech/Sergeant Jordan L. Jones

84th Signal Company,

84th Infantry Division

Sergeant William A. Fraser Jr.

A Company,

386th Infantry Regiment,

97th Infantry Division

Sergeant James L. Farmer

M Company,

398th Infantry Regiment,

100th Infantry Division

Private First Class Robert M. Gribbin

Anti-Tank Platoon,

Headquarters Company,

3rd Battalion,

399th Infantry Regiment,

100th Infantry Division

Independent Combat Teams

Supporting the Fight

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Tech/5 Ted T. Hoshino

3rd Platoon,

D Company,

100th Infantry Battalion,

442nd Regimental Combat Team

Captain Norman F. Kurlan

Anti-Tank Platoon,
HQ Company,
2nd Battalion,
442nd Regimental Combat Team

Private First Class George Okazaki

G Company,

2nd Battalion,

442nd Regimental Combat Team


Private First Class Franklin
M. Koriyama

M Company,

3rd Battalion,

442nd Regimental Combat Team

Sergeant Delmar P. McMilan

1st Section,

5th Company,

2nd Regiment,

First Special Service Force

U.S. Army Photographers

Capturing the Conflict

U.S. Army Air Corps

Battle for the Skies


Lieutenant Joseph J. Dye

351st Bomb Squadron

100th Bomb Group,
8th Air Force

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Lieutenant Lee M. Miller

508th Bomb Squadron,
351st Bomb Group,
8th Air Force

Staff Sergeant William A. Carney

511th Bomb Squadron

351st Bomb Group,

8th Air Force


Staff Sergeant L. Bennett Fenberg

163rd Signal Photo Company,

5th & 7th Army

Staff Sergeant Arthur J. Nicol

1st Combat Camera Unit,

1st Motion Picture Unit,

15th Air Force


Lieutenant George A. Long Jr.

395th Fighter Squadron,

386th Fighter Group,

9th Air Force

Lieutenant Albin O. Pearson

442nd Bomb Squadron,

320th Bomb Group,

12th Air Force,

1st Tactical Air Force

U.S. Navy

Getting them where they need to be

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WT2c Kenneth Hicks


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Cox Eric Lunn


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GM2c Charles Knopf

USS Winooski AO-38

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