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76th ab.jfif

6b45 Medic Plate Carrier

Unknown Unit

A captured Russian (likely) medic’s 6b45 plate carrier was taken on the Kharkiv front from the fall of 2022.

Although standard Ratnik procedure calls for the use of a load vest over plate carriers, the 6b45 features a series of MOLLE straps to allow pouches to attach directly onto the carrier, a trend we have seen become more and more common amongst Russian forces as the war drags on and equipment shortages take their toll.

This particular vest features four pouches that have remained since it was captured including an AK magazine pouch, two medical pouches, and a general-purpose pouch. The vest also uniquely hosts a handwritten callsign on the front, the first letters of the Russian word for doctor loosely translating as “Doc.” Given the callsign and presence of more general-purpose pouches, I presume this was likely a medic’s vest however there is simply no way to be absolutely sure. The back of the vest also displays a ratty white cloth as a force identifier.

Inside the medic pouches were some medical equipment, however, they were festered with mold and had to be disposed of. The vest itself is extremely disgusting and left dirt, grime, and muck all over my home when I first opened and inspected it. It’s clearly a piece that saw a lot of use before capture.

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