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Flag of the "Separatist Hunter's Club"

Rifle Platoon
22nd Motorized Infantry Battalion, 92nd Motorized Infantry Brigade

     This flag was hand-drawn and signed by thirteen different members of the 22nd Battalion on February 12, 2023 while they were near the front line at Svatove, where most of the brigade has been fighting since October of last fall. The flag is emblazoned with art based on a patriotic patch, the crossed rifles and skull, with the text “Separatist Hunter’s Club,” referring to the fighting many Ukrainian units have done against separatist forces in the Donbas Region.

The signatures feature a variety of messages including the following:

“Victory will be for the nation, praise the UAF, Myron, [city of] Kharkiv”
“Glory to Ukraine, Senya, [city of] Zaporizhzhia”
“UAF is cool, [city of] Kharkiv”
“[City of] Dnipro, Sanya” (written in Russian)
“UAF is the best, [city of] Dnipro, [signed] Chaki”
“Glory to the UAF”
“I’m already in Ukraine -Rambo Jr.”
“Glory to the nation, death to the enemies!”
“RVP Shakhtar [miner], [city of] Pokrovsk”

The 22nd Battalion is one of three battalions under the 92nd Brigade and has seen heavy action throughout the war defending the Donbas and liberating Kharkiv this past fall. For several months they have been caught up in the heavy fighting around Svatove, a key Russian stronghold in the northern part of the line.

     The flag came with several patches, including the 92nd Brigade and the patriotic patch the art was based upon, and some photographs of the soldiers holding the flag in the field. On the shoulder of one signee, you can see the unique patch of the 22nd Battalion.

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