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Sergeant Seymour Horowitz

Rifleman and Company Pay Clerk

G Company, 143rd Infantry Regiment


     Born in Englewood, New Jersey, Horowitz grew up the son of a well-known Jewish businessman. He was heavily involved in the local Jewish youth board and helped drive the local community fundraising drives. When the war struck, Horowitz enlisted before being drafted and had a special dedication done for him by his Synagogue. Once inducted he joined G Co of the 143rd Infantry Regiment as a rifleman and paymaster in the personnel section. When the division shipped to Europe, Horowitz participated in the invasion at Salerno, fighting the entire way through Italy with the division. At the Rapido, his actions were recounted in a paper back home. Serving as paymaster, Horowitz ran money to troops even in their foxholes. “It might sound foolish paying off in the frontlines,” he said, “but it helped the boys morale and they appreciated us coming up that far.” At one point, Horowitz and the others found themselves stuck on the bank of the Rapido under intense mortar fire the night of an attempted crossing. Shoving the money in their pockets and grabbing rifles, the crossing was luckily called off at the last second. After Italy, he landed in Southern France, continuing the fight all the way to Germany, finishing the war with every 36th division campaign on his service ribbon. While in Italy, Horowitz was decorated with a Bronze Star Medal for Valor and was celebrated upon his return home. He didn’t stay in New Jersey very long, however, before becoming a TV Producer in Florida.

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